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Snow Ridge

Nava Blanc Wine 2017 | 750mL

White Wine - VQA Niagara Peninsula

This Snow Ridge wine is based on the Vidal grape of Icewine fame and is named after the grower/winemaker’s niece, Nava. Floral and sweet-kissed with plenty of peachy character.


Nava Blanc represents the beauty of the Niagara region. It is a crisp and clean wine, pure light flaxen blond in color like the sun shining through the mist off the falls. The nose conjures images of a carefree stroll through a stone fruit orchard with the perfect balance of aromatic spring blossoms, and ripe autumn peaches. The palate stays true to the nose as stone fruit forward and floral with a hint of raw artisan honey. It finishes with a delicate sweetness that brings together the vivid flavors and aromas of the Niagara region.


Serve this with an autumn harvest quiche, or pan-fried fish and potato pancakes.