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Snow Ridge

Tzafona Vidal Icewine 2021 | 375mL

White Wine - VQA Niagara Peninsula


The Tzafona frozen Vidal grapes were harvested in late December when temperatures fall between -10ºC and -13ºC. After settling the juice in stainless steel tanks, cool fermentation is completed in late-February when the wine was placed outdoors to stop fermentation and to complete natural cold stabilization. The wine was stored in solely stainless steel for a period of 8 months before being filtered and then bottled.


Rich apricots and honey on the nose with a lingering aroma of fresh peaches. On the palate, more complex flavors of honey, ripe tropical fruits, and lychee are present with a well-balanced sweetness. Soft citrus notes are peeking through and complement the balanced acidity in the wine. Serve chilled to approximately 12°C.


Pair this Vidal Icewine with rich flavors such as blue cheese, dark chocolate, foie gras, fresh fruits or vanilla ice-cream. This wine may also be served on its own as a dessert.